DR. SAUL M. PRESSNERI recently published an article in Dental Economics about Biomimetic Dentistry.  One important benefit of this approach is the efficiency factor.

Traditional restorations require a large amount of tooth removal to be completed. Once they are in place, decay and discoloration often occur in what’s left of the tooth. Many crowns and fillings need to be replaced every few years.

Biomimetic means using methods that mimic natural processes. These highly efficient methods and the science behind them allow dentists to focus on tooth conservation. Early detection techniques are utilized to better identify problems and avoid serious complications down the road. When restorations are needed, a detailed layering technique is used to place safe, high-quality materials that mimic natural tooth structure and function.

In turn, this approach results in fewer trips to the dentist and a healthier overall result. Biomimetic restorations also make dental appointments much more comfortable for the patient, which is always a positive.

If you would like to learn more about how Biomimetic Dentistry can be beneficial to you or your family, please contact Saul Pressner, D.M.D. today.